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Exceptional Cavity Treatment  

Growing children need special care. Your child’s earliest experiences can help shape his or her future. At Pediatric Dentistry of Onalaska, your child will receive the best preventive dental care and treatment including cavity treatment. 

Our team wants to ensure that your child’s experience at our dental clinic is a positive one, while creating good dental habits now and in the future. We try to make sure that they learn the best oral hygiene practices! 

Take Advantage of Baby Checks

Baby checks are an oral examination where Dr. Flood will sit with you and your child, and do an oral examination to assess the growth and development of your child's teeth. 

We offer complimentary baby checks! Call us at 608-781-9114 to schedule an appointment and visit us at 801 Critter Court. 

How Tooth Decay and Cavities Affect Your Child's Health

Tooth decay and cavity formation is not exactly a localized phenomenon and can have far-reaching consequences for the health and well-being of your child. Poor oral hygiene is usually the chief reason for cavity formation.

If left untreated, it can cause painful sensations in their teeth and adversely impact their nutrition intake, thereby making your child frail. It can also leave them emotionally drained. 

Excessive consumption of sugary drinks can increase the chances of acid attacks that normally last for 20 minutes and deplete the enamel of their teeth. This can lead to tremendous pain. We have the right knowledge and technology that will minimize the chances of cavity formation on your child's teeth. 

How to Prevent Cavity Formation

  • Discourage your child to have between-meal snacks and colas
  • Make sure that your child brushes at least twice a day
  • Give them supplemental fluoride after consultation with your dentist
  • Ensure that they have a balanced diet
  • Visit your pediatric dentist at regular intervals
  • Make your child clean and rinse their mouth after the consumption of a sugary drink
  • Discuss the use of fissure sealants with your pediatric dentist 
  • Get the teeth of your child checked for cavities and get them cleaned whenever necessary 
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